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Rising stars – in the academic field
There are also other great organisations supporting the children at the school, including The Kurland Learning Centre (www.goshenintl.org) who have selected bright pupils with academic potential and gives them the opportunity to leave Kurland to go further a field to study. In addition The Kurland Tertiary Education Fund which was setup by Sylvia Eastman who came out to South Africa to experience the poor and taught at Crags Primary School for three months. You can contact Revd Pam Berning more more information (0027) 044-5332878 and 082-592629.

These are a few rising star pupils:

Listie-Anne Kamm is an intelligent, driven young woman who was promoted from The Crags Primary School in 2002.  She has earned numerous academic and leadership awards throughout her scholastic career.  Because of her success in the Kurland Learning Center, Listie-Anne obtained opportunities to attend a leadership training school in the United States of America and serve as an intern with several international organizations. 
In 2009, Listie-Anne will receive a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Stellenbosch in her pursuit to become a South African diplomat.


Bonginkosi Simoki’sintellectual curiosity has helped secure for himself great academic success.  In 2003, his hard work in the Kurland Learning Center earned him an educational trip to the United States, and in the same year, he was promoted from the The Crags Primary School.  Bonginkosi thrives upon challenge, and as a result chose to study both English and Afrikaans on the first language level despite neither being his first language.  A natural leader, he relishes in his Xhosa heritage and seeks to be an example of scholarship and Christian character in his community.  Bonginkosi is in his second year of study at the University of Stellenbosch with a focus in political, philosophical, and economic studies. 

Jason Pieterseis a bright, mild-mannered young man who has shown considerable academic achievement.  A 2004 graduate of The Crags Primary School and Kurland Learning Center, he went on to become a merited scholar and prefect in secondary school.  Jason is currently studying conservation management at the University of Stellenbosch. 

Daveria Romanwas promoted from The Crags Primary School as a responsible and disciplined scholar and leader.  With various leadership roles in school and hard work in the Kurland Learning Center, Daveria was awarded an educational trip to the United States in 2003.  After successfully matriculating, Daveria now studies Psychology at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth.

Shurinda Barnardois an energetic and disciplined young woman who has worked to advance in her academic career.  A former student of The Crags Primary School, Shurinda achieved merit and status at secondary school.  She attributes her success to Jesus and displays strong Christian character.  Shurinda is currently studying at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to obtain a degree in Education.

Ashby Prinswas promoted from The Crags Primary School in 2006.  She is a devoted student and displays various levels of leadership ability.  She obtained an educational trip to the United States when she was in the 6th grade because of her strong work ethic in the Kurland Learning Center.  She embodies the motto of hard work can do anything for you.  Ashby will matriculate in 2009 having earned many academic and leadership distinctions.  She plans to study fashion design next year in Cape Town. 

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