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Our Supporters


Current Supporters

The following are individuals and organisations currently supporting The Kids of Kurland School Project.

Crags Clothing, Gavin Harpur, V.Griffin, Guy Hayward, Peter Behr, P.Steyn, Patrick Quarmby, Ann Joslin, Beefy Mance, Di and Peter Scammell, Dick and Manije Birkill, Carmen Clews, Jill Eugene, Elma Steyn, Jill McIlleron, Geoff and Winky Smith, Gordon Paterson, Graham Black, Iris Shires, Janet Holding, Janette Braatvedt, Murphy Maaike, Michael and Ina Perlman, Nicky Rattray, Samantha Smuts, Clive and Colleen Noble, Anne and Andrew Hrabar, Doug and Linda Blaine, Margie and Pieter Harpur, Arthur Torr, Marina Niven, Dai and Ann Fermor, Kim Kruyshaar, Ina Brand, Ann Haxton, Pru and Richard Bolus, Michelle Dugmore, Ina and Piet Oosthuizen, Joyce and Vaugh Griffen, Peter and Judy Wilson, Hannelise and Jean Boudin, Peter and Caroline Thorpe, Gail Behr, Jill Black, Gerhard and Jennifer Krone.