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Helping the children of Kurland Village

to be equipped through education and life skills to take their rightful place in the modern world

Kurland village is a rural township in the Crags area on the edge of the Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve, 20 km from Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Due to the remoteness of the village, there is a high incidence of unemployment, therefore leading to problems with alcoholism, HIV and domestic violence. In addition to this the local primary school has been allocated too few teachers for the number of children now attending this school, considering the many social issues when parents are not in a position to fund extra teachers themselves.

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Kids Of Kurland School Project

The Kids Of Kurland School Project was established in 2001 to help the children of this community and has been raising funds over the years and currently employs two teachers, a special needs teacher and a part time social worker. Life skills education presented to date have included topics such as empowerment, functional behaviour, capacity building and coping skills. Programs introduced include child safety, resources for life, pride project, outdoor life skills and AIDS education. Through the AIDS education being instituted, the concept of children educating their own parents on the issues is being introduced through joint home work books. The results on overall input have been monitored and there has been great progress and a marked difference in atmosphere made with the children, staff and parents in social as well as educational issues that were affecting the community. Even though there have been great achievements, continued support is necessary for this project to continue. As this is a charitable organization it relies on donations and as the cost of living has increased over the last few years so has the expense. All fundraising is done on a voluntary basis and balance sheets are available on request.