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Crags Primary School

The Crags Primary School, built in 1981, is the only school in Kurland Village. It serves approximately 650 Afrikaans- and Xhosa-speaking pupils from Grade 1 to 9.

Before Kids of Kurland provided support, some classes had up to 90 pupils, which affected the quality of education and led to children leaving school at 14 or 15, ill-prepared for modern living.

Since Kids of Kurland introduced additional teachers, class sizes have decreased to an average of 35-47 pupils. Although this is an improvement, it is still inadequate for optimal learning. Smaller classes produce better results and allow for the identification and addressing of social problems.

The Department of Education allocates so few teachers to this school that some classes still have up to 90 pupils! This negatively impacts the quality of education and leaves children ill-prepared for modern living.

Overall, The Crags Primary School needs more teachers to reduce class sizes and improve the quality of education for all pupils.

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